About Us

About BabyLolly

Babylolly.com is an online babybook that allows parents to capture, share and celebrate their baby's life & development with family and friends.

Having a baby is a once in a lifetime experience. Nowadays, it's not uncommon for relatives and friends to live in different cities, often scattered across the globe. Babylolly.com allows parents to share the development of their baby with loved ones, no matter where they are, via an easy-to-use, collaborative and secure website.

Babylolly is part babybook, part family social network. Parents can capture all important moments of their baby's life with simple tools such as photo albums, videos, journals, and more. Family and friends can not only monitor the baby’s every step from around the globe, but can actively participate by uploading content of their own (e.g. photos, videos), posting journal entries of their experiences with the baby or leaving notes on the message boards. Babylolly is continuously adding new features and functionalities, which will allow for even more exciting ways to celebrate your baby!

Our Commitment to you:

  1. Security

    Our number one commitment is to protect your content. Babylolly.com is a strictly "invite-only", user-controlled platform. Therefore, only users that you have personally invited will have access to your content. We will not share your content or make it publicly visible.

  2. Privacy

    We will never sell, trade or give third parties access to any of your personally identifiable information. We hate spam just as much as you do ;)

  3. Ownership

    You are the owner of your data. Therefore, we will never claim rights to any of the content (e.g. photos, videos, journals) that you have uploaded to our site.


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